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Caring for Pets During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Human coronaviruses belong to a family of viruses called Coronaviridae. Coronaviruses tend to be species specific. Currently there is no evidence that dogs or cats can be a source of infection to other pets in the home or to humans.

There is now some limited emerging evidence that infection in pets with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes human COVID-19, can occur. At this point we understand that it is unlikely that pets pose a transmission risk to other animals or humans.

We continue to reinforce the recommendation that good hygiene and proper hand-washing should be practiced when handling pets; as well as keeping pets away from infected persons.

Pets of infected persons should be quarantined.


At this time of insecurity and uncertainty, even if your cat likes to leave the house it is better for both of you if you can keep them restricted to your own home or garden. It’s also wise to keep pets away from anyone infected and confine pets if they’ve been around someone infected.


We’re seeing increasing demand for our products but are working closely with our supply teams to ensure we make enough for all the cats that need it. Please only buy enough for your cats needs and together we’ll be able to ensure all cats stay fed.


Our food is as enjoyable and safe as ever. For cats to eat and for you to feed them. Please be assured that the current coronavirus outbreak does not pose a food safety risk to humans or pets, either through packaging, or the food itself. The processing conditions involved in the production of our food products are sufficient to destroy the virus.


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