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How Can I Tell if My Cat is Pregnant or Not?

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How Can I Tell if My Cat is Pregnant or Not?

There are a number of methods to confirm if a cat is pregnant or not:

  • Pinking: of the nipple area, starts about 15-18 days after mating, most noticeable in first-time queens.
  • Palpation: as early as 14 days, but most easily between 25-30 days (when the fetuses are about 1 inch in size).
  • X-rays: best between days 38-49 when bony development in the fetuses is mature enough to show up.
  • Ultrasound: about 99% accurate at 28 days, and can be used as early as 14 days; also has the advantage of detecting heart beats and so determining if the fetuses are viable.

Note: The average gestation period for a cat is 65 days.


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