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Is It Normal for My Cat to Sleep a Lot?

cat sleep

Quite simply, yes it’s normal for cats to sleep a lot. Cats can sleep anywhere between 12-16 hours per day! Older cats and young kittens may even sleep more than this. But why do they spend so much time sleeping?

Cats naturally feel the need to conserve energy for hunting. Even our domesticated friends have that natural behaviour within them, so tend to sleep more during the day and become more active at night. This may explain why as you’re trying to sleep, you can often hear your cat racing around the house!

The following signs, at the same time as sleeping more may indicate a problem:

  • Grooming less than usual
  • Playing or exercising less
  • Personality changes
  • Being floppier than usual
  • Hiding away more than usual
  • Eating less or nothing at all
  • Being slow to respond to things going on around them (e.g. sounds, or if you stroke them).

When to contact your vet

Take your cat to the vet if you’ve noticed any signs of lethargy that don’t get better within 24 hours. The problem may be something minor but could be the sign of a more serious underlying condition.

You know your cat best. If they don’t have the symptoms listed above but you are still concerned it’s always best to contact your vet.



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