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Tips for Cat Owners

cat owner
  • Cats do perspire, but only through their paw pads, which really isn’t enough to cool them down a great deal.
  • If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, try to keep him or her inside between 10am – 2.00pm when it is the hottest.
  • If you are out for the day, place a bowl in the kitchen sink and leave the tap dripping (slowly), so your cat has a constant supply of cool, fresh water. Water in a bowl can warm up quite quickly.
  • Don’t over exert your cat on warmer days, if you must play with him or her, do so either early morning or in the evening, when it has cooled down.
  • Let your cat sleep where he or she chooses, most likely this will be on a cool tiled floor.
  • Products are available to buy, that can help keep cats cool in summer. Do an internet search on “cooling mats for cats Australia” to find details of products and suppliers.
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